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We recently had the pleasure of chatting with the uber-talented Kelly of Perth-based interior design and styling studio, 13 Interiors. When we came across images of our hand paintings featured in “The Fremantle Project” on Instagram – our collective jaws literally dropped (just wait til you see the before & after transformations!). Are you tackling a cosmetic home renovation of your own? Read on to find out more about Kelly’s design process.


UI: Tell us a little bit about this Fremantle Project. What was the brief?

Kelly: I recently had the pleasure of creating the beautiful interior of this contemporary themed home in Fremantle for a gorgeous family embarking on another chapter in a new location. The owners of this beautiful home contacted me shortly after purchasing it and handed over the keys. The brief included creating a contemporary styled home in line with the current building atheistic and hard finishes, with storage options, functional spaces but above all a place they could call home and not just a house.


UI: Were there any challenges you faced?

Kelly: “We have 6 weeks before we’d like to move!.. and we’d like you to create our dream home ready in time for us to move in” was the call I received. The challenge was accepted! Fast forward 6 weeks and the Fremantle house was transformed from a blank canvas to a stunning, styled contemporary home. Complete with furniture, new window furnishings, cabinetry work and the stunning art pieces from United Interiors.


UI: How did you approach the brief and translate that into a design?

Kelly: Our aim was to create a gorgeous flow through the home from the very moment you open the front door, with greys, blues, oak and black finishes and a touch of gold for some bling.


Without further ago, let’s take a look at the transformations!


The Entryway

We added gorgeous 5.5 metre curtains into the entryway for a dramatic effect and privacy over the large windows. The space connects and flows via the stunning United Interiors abstract art pieces in each pocket of the home. When you first walk into the entry way past the kitchen you get a glimpse of the Black and Gold Hand Painting. As you walk through to the entryway area you are then greeted with the moody piece named Orca Hand Painting that makes a huge statement.


The Living Room

The concept of the design included creating a functional lounge area with lounge suites, a large feature TV cabinetry wall and storage in any way or form. The home lacked storage throughout and was a critical element in creating a functional space whilst ensuring we maintained that cosy lounge environment. The warm, comfortable and inviting space was achieved in part with artwork: I selected the abstract On The Bridge Hand Painting to create a soft palette that has some movement and form. The large size of the canvas becomes an immediate focal point in the room and is pared back with soft furnishings like the cushions and ottoman to complete the look.


The Dining Space

The Dining space is the area that joins the lounge to the entry. Being a small space and next to the main thoroughfare it was important to choose furnishings carefully to ensure flow, harmony and balance. TheLampone Blu Hand Painting art piece was the focal point to the room and flows the gorgeous blue, grey and gold tones through to the lounge area.


The Master Suite

The master suite is the hero of the home incorporating soft curtains, grey and dark furnishings, an electric storage bed and the stunning Gold Water Hand Painting. Drawing from the colours within the art piece we created a soft, and cosy environment for the homeowners. Again, like the other 3 spaces, artwork was primarily chosen to be the focal point of each room to create a visual flow between each space.



The synergy of each art piece is connected through the cohesive colour palette, resulting in a home that is akin to a beautiful art gallery you can feel comfortable spending quality time in. For this home we drew inspiration from the United Interiors art pieces and the Clients’  brief to create a balanced, harmonious and modern day home for their family to enjoy for years to come.


Perth WA 6027


e. info@13interiors.com

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